Sweet Life Planner Club

I have a slight addiction to all things printable. Be it calendars, daily to do lists, pretty quotes, etc. If it’s pretty and I can print it myself then I want it. I love printables so much that I made my own planner for 2016 and tried to make some of my own printables (more on that later).

Laura at I Heart Planners shares this addiction and I fell in love when I found her blog. I printed the Daily page below a year or so ago when she first posted it and I still use it to this day. It’s easy to see that Laura puts a lot of thought and time into each of her printables.

Enter the Sweet Life Planner Club. Laura decided to do a monthly subscription that gives you access to a huge collection of printables that she has made. She even takes requests for printables that any club member wants or needs. I have been a member of this “club” since she opened it to the public and I love it! The best part is there is no long-term commitment so if you try it out and decide it’s not for you or you can’t afford it then it’s no big deal. It is very easy to cancel or even pause your subscription. Although if you like printables and/or planning then I highly doubt you will cancel.


Laura has a page set up that gives you tons more info about everything that comes in club and you can find that here. There is a 12 week course on Creating Your Own Planning System and it is super helpful. I hope you will check it out!


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